David Graff  is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Southern Alberta and Canada’s far north. He began his music career as a drummer, doing sessions and touring with numerous bands in the late 70’s, but his desire to take firm control of his musical fortunes led him to start singing and writing songs on guitar. He spent the next stage of his career concentration on writing and recording in Vancouver and eventually recorded an album with Grammy winning producer Greg Ladanyi in LA. He placed a number of songs in film and television and received a Genie nomination in 1992 for best song in a movie.

By the end of the nineties, feeling burnt out on the music business, he moved to Bowen Island and turned his creative energies to making art. Being completely unschooled as a visual artist, he began making pieces with only the aim of satisfying his aesthetic sensibilities. Using a unique combination of metallic leaf, transparent color glazes and high sheen resin, his work drew much attention and allowed him to quickly gain representation in numerous galleries in Canada and the U.S. His work is in private and corporate collections around the world and can be seen in movies, television shows and magazines.

During this time, his guitars mainly stayed in their cases, and his last drum kit was sold off in a garage sale. Fast forward to 2010, and he felt a strong urge to play music again. Still not ready to officially resume a music “career”, he bought a drum kit and eventually put together a band made up of people from Bowen Island’s considerable creative community. That band, Ginger 66, fronted by the dynamic actress Michelle Harrison, has become a favorite of the local party/cover band scene.

But as before, playing drums was not enough of a creative outlet, and soon David had more than twenty-five new songs waiting to be heard. Casual recording sessions at Shael Wrinch’s Bowen Island studio eventually led to the formation of a band dubbed the Continental Grifters that started gigging in the spring of 2014.

Last year, alongside daughter Julia Graff (who received her Master of Music Degree in Sound Recording at McGill under the instruction of George Massenburg, Richard King, and Steven Epstein) David started working in earnest on recording this batch of new songs.

That album “Supposed To Fly” is out October 2018.